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Re: Debian Games Blend

Hi Markus,

On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 07:47:49PM +0200, Markus Koschany wrote:
> > Done.
> Thanks! I have created a new git repository, imported the old svn repo
> and also changed the Vcs-URI in website.git to make it point to the new
> repository. I hope that was the right thing to do to make my changes
> visible at the web sentinel, otherwise you know who is responsible for
> the server outage now.

Very well done (in principle - I did not yet checked but will do in
the next couple of hours).

> I'm not very familiar with the git setup_repository script. Apparently
> it's a little outdated because it activates the old disabled CIA bot
> service, hence i got a warn e-mail for every commit.

I'm suffering from this for several other repositories.

> I have turned this irc feature off for now.

Probably very reasonable.

> Please let me know whether you are interested
> in commit messages to irc at all and how i can enable the KGB bot.

I did not injected this initially and I guess this is the only traffic
on IRC anyway (so most probably the message is not really received by
many people).  For *me* it is fine to turn it of but if I would know how
to use KGB instead - I'd use it (just to not loose something what other
people might regard as feature).  So ny help how to get KGB working
would be welcome.

Kind regards



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