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Re: idea... free voting portals...?

On Mon, 06 Dec 2010, Andreas Tille wrote:
>   4. There *IS* a voting mechanism for medical FLOSS implemented:
>       http://www.medfloss.org/taxonomy_vtn/voc/1/0/1
>      We just need to get more in sync to projects like this.  For other
>      fields probably similar projects exist.

do you mean votes from 1 to 5 judging on how good the tools is? indeed some
sorting scheme based on avg and number of votes could be generalized to set up
priorities...  but may be some software got low scores because people find it
difficult/impossible to install (and that is where we could "shine")? ;)

btw for neuroimaging we have similar portal:
and for machine learning 
or even a more generic
and some times some software listed in both ;)

but, once again, generic voting score, although gives some clue, is of a
different kind than explicit votes for 'yes, I want this in Debian', which
would be the point of voting I would like to get.

Moreover those portals do not give a handy 1 page list of "software in
question" (e.g. a task page we have) where a visitor could just go
through the list clicking on the items he likes; which would be an ideal
minimalistic interface imho.

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