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Currently web sentinel on Alioth is not up to date (Was: UDD scripts hammering the DB?)

[for those on the list who might wonder why the web sentinel pages on
 {blends,debian-med}.alioth.debian.org are not updated any more: the
 pages generating code was hammering UDD with a lot of queries and was
 disabled by DSA.]

On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 05:00:30PM -0500, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Dec 2010, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > > I just wondered if there was any progress in bringing Debian science
> > > blends "online" since last generation date is 12th of Dec.
> > I'm working on reducing the number of queries in a limited time frame
> > (to avoid conflicts with family holidays) and can confirm that I'm
> > making some progress with the UDD queries.  I'm now more or less able to
> > make one large query per task which reduces the number of queries by
> > about two orders of magnitude.  So the work is promissing but
> > non-functional and thus I did not yet commited the code to SVN.
> sounds great!
> > If you really need updated Debian Science pages you might either look at
> > blends.debian.net/science, rsync these pages to alioth (I did not
> ha -- I didn't know that my unspoken desire is somewhat dealt with
> already -- I could have all blends/tasks pages available from somewhat
> more uniform location, e.g.:
> http://blends.debian.net/science/tasks/
> http://blends.debian.net/debian-med/tasks/
> instead of 
> http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/

Yes.  This was announced at some point in time on the relevant mainling
lists but I did not made to much noise about it because this is the
place where I'm testing all my code and thus it might be broken for some
intermediate period.
> cool ;)  so, are those @ blends.debian.net always up-to-date or that is just
> temporarily?  Why those locations are not primary?

The page should be online always.  However:
  - It is not maintained by DSA (thus there is higher potential that the
    machine might be broken).
  - UDD is updated only once a day and not twice a day so the resulting
    pages might show some delay in certain circumstances
  - Once I'm testing the new code the pages might be broken or at least
    different from what should be shown
> > realised this plan to rather work on the new code) or simply redirect
> > from Alioth to blends.debian.net temporarily.  We just need to stop
> > redirection / rsyncing once I start testing the new code (hopefully
> > at beginning of new year).
> I will better take a passive side -- I can direct people to
> blends.debian.net for now whenever that comes desired/necessary

As long as you tell them explicitely that these are not the official
pages and there is no guarantee that these will be broken this is fine.

Kind regards



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