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Re: idea... free voting portals...?

On Mon, 06 Dec 2010, Andreas Tille wrote:
> However, I came to the conclusion that voting is most probably not the
> best way for the following reasons:
>   1. To have a reasonable vote you need about at least 10 voters.
>      I have the impression that our pages are not popular enough
>      to attract enough people who are active enough to really spend
>      to vote.
hm, is there any web statistics available for those? or even plain
apache access logs?

at least myself I have mentioned it to quite a few people, so I am
expecting task pages become increasingly popular.

>   2. You have no idea what background / knowledge the voter really
>      has.  Getting votes for the nicest web page or the most colorful
>      screenshot does not help.
well, we do not have webshots (yet) so I see the possible bias by good
screenshots, but altogether biased estimates are better than no
estimates at all ;)

>   3. I consider the "mail voting interface" (=sending mail to the team
>      list) as good enough to  enable at least one or two active people
>      "voting" - so as long as I do not see any single mail there seems
>      to be no reason to make more effrot into this.
well... since voting is something what I would ask our users to do in
their spare time, it must be VERY easy and convenient.  Filling out some
email sounds to me to be of bigger effort for them than just going
through the form and clicking

> > bold idea: have "vote" button per each package entry so people could
> > vote for the necessity to have such software packaged.  But since it is
> > non-trivial to implement correctly  I am not even asking for it now...
> That's another thing:  I have more ideas which are easier to implement
> and at least with the same positive effect to the overall project.
would you mind sharing the ideas? ;-)

> > It might help us to organize packaging schedule more appropriately.

> So even if I might sound negative about the idea - if somebody wants
> to implement it that's perfectly welcome.
well -- original intent was not even to implement it (I just dumped the
idea on you) but just to find some reasonable online service providing
such voting service so I could refer our users there

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