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Re: metapackages

On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 11:38:24AM +0100, rosea.grammostola wrote:
> root@debian:/var/cache/pbuilder/result# dpkg -i  
> openstudio-audio_0.1_all.deb
> (Reading database ... 147508 files and directories currently installed.)
> Preparing to replace openstudio-audio 0.1 (using  
> openstudio-audio_0.1_all.deb) ...
> Unpacking replacement openstudio-audio ...
> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of openstudio-audio:
>  openstudio-audio depends on openstudio-tasks (= 0.1); however:
>   Package openstudio-tasks is not installed.

Ahhh, I've got it.  Seems you found a real bug which I did not detected
because all Blends currently decided to use the tasksel helper.  I need
to track this down.  Because this will take me some time I'd like to
advise for the moment either going with the tasksel helper (add the
relevant section to the control.stub as in the other Blends examples) or
create a fake package (perhaps using equivs) to resolve the dependency.

I'll try to fix this soon after I'm back at home.

Hope this helps and thanks for detecting the problem



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