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Re: metapackages

Hi Rosea,

On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 09:18:23AM +0200, rosea.grammostola wrote:
>> Just provide your source code somehow and I'll have a look.
> git@github.com:johnsen/blends-meta.git
> this is a testpackage

Fine.  I see you started up with the examples (and thus used the chance
to update debhelper and Standards-Version there - just a side mark no
real problem).

> I get
> $ pdebuild
> dpkg-checkbuilddeps: error: syntax error in debian/control at line 12:  
> duplicate field Package found

There are two issues.

  1. There is some bug/feature in blends-dev: You need to insert
     an empty line at the end of your debian/control.stub file
     (probably I should add such a line in any case to fix this).
     Adding this will solve the duplicate field Package issue.
  2. You probably do not want the completely empty openstudio
     package which will be created by the last two lines in your
     control.stub file which was missleading in the outdated
     examples (just updated it in SVN).
     This also fixes the problem (if you leave the empty line
     in the end).

Kind regards



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