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Re: New web feature: packagelist (Was: [RFC] New task: science-dataacquisition)

On Sat, 12 Dec 2008, Chris Walker wrote:

If the package name was on the same line as the text, you'd get more
information on the page - though I guess it might end up with the text
being too dense.

Sure.  That's what I wanted to say when I asked for layouters.  The
implementation is done as description list (<dl>).  If you add a class
tag to


<dl>, <dt> and <dd> tags and put the right formatting into


this can simply be accomplished.  My intention was to leave this as
homework for those who requested the packagelist feature.

It would be nice (though perhaps difficult) if the support tasks
(Typesetting, viewing, Data Acquisition, Image analysis in the case of
the science pages) were not mixed in with the subject tasks[1].

I agree that this would be nice. A very simple and hackisch "solution"
would be to add a common prefix in front of the task name which would
have the consequence to put them together in the alphabetical ordering.
I see no other quick solution.

If it were easy to get the table of contents into the left hand part
of the page (while still having all the packages on one page) that
would be nice (but is really icing on the cake and only worth doing if

It's very easy - just edit


accordingly.  (Hint: I learned that

         xmllint -noout *.xhtml

is a reasonable thing to do because you do not have to wait until the
genshi templating systems informs you about XML problems after 10 minutes
of processing the Python scripts.)

I like it.

Thanks. ;-)

[1] Up until last week, this only applied to Typesetting and Viewing -
which naturally sorted to the end of the list.

I was perfectly aware of this at the moment of creating the dataacquisition
task - but as I said: I have no better solution for the moment.  There might
be a chance to add a list of task names to the webconf configuration file

   ORDER=task1 task4 task2 task3

and parsing this.  But before I even think about implementing this I would
like to hear your opinion what might be the reasonable action for the cases:

   1. some tasks are missing in the list
   2. the order list contains a task name which does not exxist

Possible actions are:

   A. Put tasks missing in the list at the end
   B. Fall back to alphabethical order in case 1. or 2. happens
   C. Print an error message and do nothing
   D. ...

Kind regards



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