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Custom Debian powerpc cd last yaboot 1.3.14

Hi im every one, sorry for my english, im doing some tests with the debian lenny powerpc dist on a blade power6 js12, i found problem after installing the system when i try to boot, i install the last firmware and the problem was solve compiling and installing the last yaboot version 1.3.14 with some other packages in a rescue mode, having to do some work, i would like to make a custom booteable installation cd with this last yaboot version and the other packages based on the basic iso of the lenny debian testing powerpc version,  i very appreciate your help telling me how can i do this the easiest way, basicaly i need to change the bootloader version that the debian installer installs by default,can i do that with simple-ccd? , or i need to do it some other way?, why is this lenny dist come with such an old yaboot version? are you going to uptated soon? thank you very much for your help!.

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