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New web feature: packagelist (Was: [RFC] New task: science-dataacquisition)


as it was requested on the debian-science mailing list [1] we
should provide in addition to our tasks pages a short overview
about the packages as Ubuntu Science is doing[2].  I roughly
implemented this feature for all Blends.  It is available at
the following locations:

 Debian Edu:     http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/edu/tasks/packagelist.html
 Debian GIS:     http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/gis/tasks/packagelist.html
 Debian Jr:      http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/junior/tasks/packagelist.html
 Debian Med:     http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/packagelist.html
 Debian Science: http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/science/tasks/packagelist.html

Now it's time for polishing (layout) or feature request - both
prefered via patches against xhtml-template or blends.css.

Kind regards


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-science/2008/12/msg00059.html
[2] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuScience


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