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Re: [RFC] New task: science-dataacquisition

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, Chris Walker wrote:

What you want is:

   Proposing a Section marker field that enables a parsing program to
   detect sections (or even subsections).  Document the field in the
   Blends documentation.  BTW, RFC822 format actually does not really
   support this sectioning.  It is a flat file format with paragraphs.
   Each paragraph ends with a blank line.  A section field which should
   be valid for more than one paragraph entry is in principle a hackish
   solution.  I do not say that this is a real problem - but I would
   like you to be aware about this.  (I wonder whether I should tell
   that XML would be the proper solution for your suggestion because
   there were enough XML versus RFC822 flame wars - at least you will
   have a hard time to convince me to change a running system.  I guess
   working patches would be convincing but probably no e-mails without

One alternative that comes to mind (and I don't know if it is better
or not) is to put the structure in subdirectories

I have not thought about this option but for the moment I see no straight
solution to implement this.  Just give me some time to think about this.

(and perhaps that is
what you are telling me by suggesting a physics blend).

No.  Suggesting a physics blend is something like

    .../blends/projects$ svn mkdir physics
    .../blends/projects$ cd physics
    .../blends/projects/physics$ svn mkdir trunk
    .../blends/projects/physics$ svn mkdir tags
    .../blends/projects/physics$ cd tags
    .../blends/projects/physics/tags$ svn mkdir debian-physics
    .../blends/projects/physics/tags$ cd debian-physics
    .../blends/projects/physics/tags/debian-physics$ svn mkdir tasks
    .../blends/projects/physics/tags/debian-physics$ cd tasks
    .../blends/projects/physics/tags/debian-physics/tasks$ vi <task1> <task2> <task3>
    .../blends/projects/physics/tags/debian-physics/tasks$ svn add *
    .../blends/projects/physics/tags/debian-physics/tasks$ cd .../blends/trunk/webtools/webconf
    .../blends/trunk/webtools/webconf$ cp debian-junior.conf debian-physics.conf
    # create a config file for the webtools
    .../blends/trunk/webtools/webconf$ vi debian-physics.conf
    .../blends/trunk/webtools/webconf$ svn add debian-physics.conf

    ssh alioth
    cd /srv/alioth.debian.org/chroot/home/groups/cdd/webtools
    ./deploy-svn  # this should update the webconf/debian-physics.conf file to production system

Indeed. I think that debtags are probably the ultimate solution for
the Debian world - but haven't worked out quite how to apply them.

I perfectly agree that DebTags should play a much more important role
in the Blends effort than they do now (in fact there is currently no
real connection between Blends and DabTags even if both efforts try to
tackle the same target).  The reason for this is simple: Nobody just
cared for it and I'm simply lacking the time to do this.  Any volunteers.

One flaw with the metapackages approach is that they you end up
installing several packages to do the same thing. I don't think you
really want this - why install 3 packages to grab data from scanned
graphs - after some initial testing, you'll only ever use one. It
might be possible to use ORed packages, though this perhaps makes it
more difficult to say to your sysadmin "install the physics task and
I'll have everything I need".

This is not really true.

  1. I'm not sure that it is really a flaw - you might like to compare
     the results of different programs.  So it makes perfectly sense
     to install programs that do the same thing in several (not all
  2. If you specify the Depends / Recommends with the well known or
     syntax ( | ) this is verbosely copied to the metapackage control
     file and thus the functionality you are asking for is just
     implemented.  (You might perhaps be tricked by the fact that this
     or is not reflected on the tasks pages - but I see no reasonable
     way to do this. Suggestions?)

Kind regards



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