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Re: linux-image issue

On Wed, Nov 05, 2008 at 07:28:49PM +0100, Raymond.Schneider@swisscom.com wrote:

> So what does this say to you? Should I be thinking the linux-image pkg is
> somehow bad? 

possibly, which is why i suggest trying to install without it, using a standard
linux-image package. then you can determine if it is really your custom
linux-image that is broken, or something else in the build process. am i
repeating myself here? :)

> If that is the case then why can I install this same pkg via
> dpkg or via apt-get after an install of a std debian iso? Why would it only
> fail to install if its included into a custom iso?

because there are probably some differences in how it installs from a
debian-installer environment vs. from whatever environment you're using to
install it manually.

from the error message you were getting, it sounded to me like debootstrap was
trying to install it, rather than the usual debian-intsaller hooks for
installing a kernel. so something is very strange with your linux-image

live well,

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