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RE: linux-image issue

As another note... as I humbly seek advice...

I have run simple-cdd as follows:

# build-simple-cdd --profiles-udeb-dist sid --dist etch --local-packages /full/path/to/pkgsdir

This as I understand it should have build an iso based on the default profile... That said, I added the linux-image pkg I am trying to get installed... just to see if I could get it on the iso only.. and not get installed, I only added it to the default.downloads file. I added no d-i command to the preseed or anything other packages to the default.packages file..

As usual I was able to build yet another iso that fails on 'unpacking required packages.' The thing that's bugging me is I had thought that adding it to the profile.downloads would get the pkg from my --local-packages dir and put it on the iso, not try to install it..

Any ideas???



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Subject: RE: linux-image issue

Hmmm.. well... to no avail... I have tried all those things suggested below and none have gotten me past this Debootstrap warning I get:

        Warning: Failure while unpacking required packages. This will be        attempted up to five times.

When looking at Alt-F4... I see the message

        Errors were encountered while processing:

(The **** obviously are not the actual name of the deb but used for brevity..)

Try as I might, I have yet to get around this.

I did not create this custom kernel image, but at this point I am starting to suspect that it may actually be the culprit. It does however, install successfully if you just do it using apt-get or dpkg on a fresh install of the system.

Any other ideas? Is there some way to get Simple-CDD to be extremely verbose?

Thanks for any additional input.. Its appreciated greatly..


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Subject: Re: linux-image issue

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 01:09:45AM +0100, Raymond.Schneider@swisscom.com wrote:
> Hello... I'm attempting to use Simple-CDD to build an iso for a system and Im
> running into a problem getting a custom kernel installed. I have it stored in a
> local directory that I am passing to build-simple-cdd via the -local-packages
> option and I can build the iso. The problem comes during installation. The iso
> fails to 'unpack' the linux-image package, and then the install is effectively
> over. It does the whole "will attempt to.... Up to 5 times....'

> This leads me to my question... what is the preferred methodology for getting a
> custom kernel package both included in a profile and installed when building a
> custom iso via simple-cdd?

don't include it in profile/YOURPROFILE.packages, rather include it in
profile/YOURPROFILE.downloads, otherwise it will attempt to install too early.

you'll probably also want to set in profile/YOURPROFILE.conf:


otherwise, the cd build will not fail if your kernel package is missing.

you might need to play with preseeding to get it to automatically select your
kernel package. i'm not positive this is still the right question, but maybe in

  d-i base-installer/kernel/which-kernel      select YOUR_CUSTOM_LINUX_IMAGE

live well,

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