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Re: linux-image issue

On Wed, Nov 05, 2008 at 03:33:17PM +0100, Raymond.Schneider@swisscom.com wrote:

> I just removed the tmp/ and the images/ from a previous run of simple-cdd and
> made sure that my kernel was noted in the .downloads file. I did not pass
> --local-packages <pkgsdir> on the commandline.. All I ran was

> # build-simple-cdd --profiles-udeb-dists sid --dist etch

> This actually produced an iso. I don't think it should have since there is no
> way it could have found my linux-image deb (since its in that local dir). And
> upon inspection of the mirror it created, it did not. 

this is exactly what i expected...

> So I am not even going to run this iso as it does not even contain the kernel
> option.

well, i would still recommend trying to install from this, to rule out that the
error was caused by your custom linux-image package rather than some other

live well,

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