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Re: [tiago@debian-ba.org: Re: New name: Call for opinions]

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Tiago Bortoletto Vaz wrote:

I understand and agree that Debian SIG Solution is too big. However, I
would like to see something that give the users an idea about what we
are talking about - and for me the "Integrated" term doens't say this.
Of course reading the docs people can get more info about it, but IMO
it's very important to have the main idea in the name. (ok, my english
is bad and maybe english people get the right idea from "Integrated").

Well, Bdale immediately raised the issue that integrated can mean a
lot of things - I admit, it is a buzzword.  And I agree that the
name does not say so much.  But at least it does not tell a false
thing and forces interested people to read on.

Does a name really need to say something.  What says the name

     Sun    (double meaning is intended)

A name is just a tag you put on a thing that exists somehow.  We have
to define what we mean first and then tag it with the name we agreed to.

Ugh... I noted you have been patient on this. In fact is a very annoying
- but necessary - discussion. Keep going :) I personally don't like DIS,
but actually it's much better than CDD, so we are improving something

You don't like it?  Fine.  Last month I solved this kind of issues by
offereing a beer / whatever at DebConf.  Feel invited to have a drink
at my account at next DebConf. ;-)
Honestly: I really respect if people pronounce their disagreement -
but finally most people at least agreed that the new one is if not
perfect at least an improvement - which makes me think that we are on the
righ track.

I guess It will be necessary - as I said, I just wanted a replace in
"Integrated", but it has been hard do find :)

I agreed with Bdale that using a buzzword here is nit a bug but a feature.
Integrated means in the first place something like "internal" to Debian
and the somehow undefined meaning leaves some space for new ideas for
technical implementations which might come up in the future.  Well, believe
me I have thought longer about this than the quite short announcement mail
might show.

Thank you! (forwarding this message to tassia)

Hmmm, I hope you will not foreward her the trick that disagreement leads
to the offer of some drink at DebConf. ;-)

Kind regards



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