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Re: New name: Call for opinions

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Daniel Leidert wrote:

The common user will know, what *this* is? Come on. Are
you kidding me? Maybe "Custom Debian Distribution" is not fully correct
[1] but it at least describes the result.

I would like you to make a query between "common" users who hear the
term Custom Debian Distribution the first time.  Please ask them:

   Is a Custom Debian Distribution something

       a) inside Debian
       b) outside Debian

I hold the bet that you get a relation a:b of < 20:80.  Believe me,
I had several talks in front of "common" users and explicitely explained
what CDD means and the questions after the talk showed that they not
even heard my words or read my slides.  (I can prove by audio recordings.)

Your other points are perfectly answered by Ben Armstrong.

Kind regards



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