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Re: [tiago@debian-ba.org: Re: New name: Call for opinions]

Hi Andreas,

On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 09:59:17AM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Aug 2008, Tiago Bortoletto Vaz wrote:
>>>        Debian Integrated Solutions
>> I like the idea of switching to" Solution" and leaving "Distribution"
>> here. In fact Distribution is a very strong term that can not be
>> banalized as it has been nowadays done.
> Yes, this was the idea.
>> However, I guess you should try to say in few words that a DISh is a
>> kind of specific purpose solution instead of a general purpose one. I
>> can't imagine anything better now (my english is very limited) but maybe
>> using words like specific/purpose/oriented or so would give us a more
>> adequate name
> Well, I agree in principle, but I'm afraid that this is to much for a
> name.  IMHO we should mention this in the definition / explanation of
> the name.  The main idea was to get rid of a misleading name and "Solution"
> is something you have at least no wrong asusmptions about.  At worst
> if it says nothing to you, you might start reading the docs if you
> are curious.  This is better than just going with a wrong assumption
> without further reading.

I understand and agree that Debian SIG Solution is too big. However, I
would like to see something that give the users an idea about what we
are talking about - and for me the "Integrated" term doens't say this.
Of course reading the docs people can get more info about it, but IMO
it's very important to have the main idea in the name. (ok, my english
is bad and maybe english people get the right idea from "Integrated").

>> Hmm... Now reading all suggestions on wiki I have my 2 cents:
>> Debian SIG Solution (Debian's Special Interest Group Solution)
>> What do you think?
> Well, it perfectly fits the idea but I'm not convinced that this
> is a catchy name.

Right... No other idea for now :(

>> I really don't care about the CDD/DISh/SIG/DSD/SDD because all of them
>> sounds terrible for end users, mainly for those who don't speak english.
>> For me the point here is the sense that the name pass to the users and
>> developers.
> If you ask me I really hate naming discussions and I would love to avoid
> them because they tend to consume much time by finally having no technical
> output.  But we just need a name to address the concept and we need to
> address the right concept.  And I agree that any acronym based on an
> English meaning might sound strange to non English speakers and I admit
> I've got a hint via private mail to just combine the name of my wife and
> me as Ian had done with Deb-Ian.  But I don't like this either for
> several reasons - so I would like to go with DIS because I would regard
> this as the best amongst a set of other suggestions.

Ugh... I noted you have been patient on this. In fact is a very annoying
- but necessary - discussion. Keep going :) I personally don't like DIS,
but actually it's much better than CDD, so we are improving something

>> I guess my suggestion above is something that would be self-explaining.
>> So, no extra-words to say what is a Debian SIG Solution :)
> Do you think that mentioning this in the definition in the docs might
> be a good compromise?

I guess It will be necessary - as I said, I just wanted a replace in
"Integrated", but it has been hard do find :)

>> BTW, I strongly support the idea of having a formal defintion for this
>> thingy. I mean, the name should not be released without a kind of a
>> official "CDD/DISh/SIG/DSD/SDD Policy"
> I'll work on this.
>> Have a good trip!
> Well, I hope you had as well.  I'm actually back since 6 days but stayed
> away from the keyboard for a certain time to relax from DebConf.  I used
> my trip for several renamings inside doc and code:
>    svn://svn.debian.org/cdd/cdd/trunk/dis
> So my trip was kind of productive (well, no really creative things were
> possible any more after DebConf - I was to tired).  I hope you and Tassia
> are fine as well.  I will point you to recordings / images of the event
>    https://penta.debconf.org/dc8_schedule/events/353.en.html
> once I've got some links.  (I know Tassia was sorry about missing it. ;-))
> See you next DebConf and many thanks for your input

Thank you! (forwarding this message to tassia)


Tiago Bortoletto Vaz
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