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Re: Custom Debian Distribution for creative artists and wannabes

|--==> lloyd  writes:

  l> Hi Free,
  l> On Mon, November 20, 2006 6:52 am, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>I'm currently working on a similar effort:

  l> Thanks for your note. Looks like a great project. I'm thinking about a
  l> distribution that's much more oriented toward the visual arts, however.
  l> I'll pull together a list of packages that I'd like to see in the
  l> distribution shortly.

I see, that's probably  different. But if the list  you end up to it's
not to different  from the collection found in  64 Studio, I think  we
could add the missing packages.

  l> Can you give me an tips on how to go about creating a custom distribution

I'm currently using PDK:


and it   works  greatly, expecially   if you  have  different  release
schedules than the official Debian stable branch.

  l> -- perhaps stuff you didn't find in the docs?

There's pretty  much everything in the  docs, and  the mailing list is
active as well.



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