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Custom Debian Distribution for creative artists and wannabes


I'm interested in creating a Custom Debian Distribution for creative
artists -- aspiring, amateur, and professional. I'd like some tools that
are easy enough for kids and impatient adults, say Tux Paint, and others
with enough headroom for professionals (Scribus, Blender, Lyx, Audacity).

The Debian repository has many outstanding tools for illustrators, graphic
artists, animators, photographers, sound and music production, writers,
etc. I'd like to find and select the best of breed across the various arts
and package them into an easy-to-load, easy to configure (printer,
scanner, graphics tablet, sound peripherals, etc.) distribution.

I've been studying the web pages on custom distributions and live CDs and
the package management chapters of Krafft's Debian System Concepts and
Techniques has been my bed-side reading.

But I've yet to find anything that gives me step-by-step recipe or sense
of how challenging the task might be.

Anyone interested?
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
And if I take it on, anyone available to help me over the rough spots?

Many thanks,

Lloyd R. Prentice

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