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Re: Custom Debian Distribution for creative artists and wannabes

Hi Andreas,

On Fri, November 17, 2006 1:45 am, Andreas Tille wrote:

> Have you ever read
> http://people.debian.org/~tille/cdd/

Yes, it inspired me. But I need to study it more carefully to understand
what I don't understand.

> Section 7 describes "How to start a Custom Debian Distribution".  You
> should definitely have a look at DeMuDi which just covers the audio part of
> your project.  You might decide whether it is reasonable to include DeMuDi
> work into your project or just to concentrate onto the visual part and
> advise users to install your CDD and DeMuDi in parallel.  If you
> understand a Custom Debian Distribution in the sense it is described in
> the paper it is perfectly possible to have more than one CDD installed on
> one computer (even if this is an often ignored fact inside this concept).

Yes, I would like to have a minimalistic set of sound
recording/editing/music composition tools on the disc -- enough to create
a sound track for an animation, say.

My tentative title is: The Debian Creative Arts Collection

> Just ask on the list debian-custom@lists.debian.org if something remains
> unclear in the paper.  I'm keen on hearing suggestions for enhancement of
> this text.  Moreover I would love if we could move this discussion to this
> list because it just deals with those issues and debian-project is just
> for general discussion.

Thank you. I will repost my original letter to debian-custom@lists.

I did look at the archives for that list and noticed that the last few
months seem to have been coopted by porn/quick-cure quack spam, so I
wasn't sure that it was active any longer. Is there any way of cleaning
out that junk?

Hope to continue the conversation.

Took a look at your site, but my German's not quite up to it. But I did
very much enjoy your photography.


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