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Re: Tasksel support added to cdd-dev at trunk

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

The problem  I  can   see  it's perhaps  slightly  different.  Another
drawback of  hard-wired dependences is  that if  even only  one of the
listed package is  not  available on  a  certain  arch,  then all  the
meta-package is broken.
This makes sense for architecture dependent packages.

Having  a  debtags  based system  would  help,  as  if package  is not
available simply is not selected  for installation, and moreover if we
implement debtas based queries at qa.debian.org (something similar to


but which allows  searching by tag),  then you can  have a web view of
which packages of a given task are not installable on a given arch.
We perfectly agree that the meta package approach has certain constraints
and your suggestions are good but as I said the current approach is
the only one for the moment and that's why we should just use it for
the moment (instead of having nothing).  That's the reason why I always
ask people for switching to cdd tools because it has the great advantage
that *once* we have better tools all could immediately switch.  I'm
currently working on enabling cdd-dev to build Debian-Edu packages
while enabling tasksel but I desparately needing tasksel documentation.

Kind regards


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