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Tasksel support added to cdd-dev at trunk

Hello folks,

Well, like I said some days ago I started to work in cdd-dev to have
debian-edu using it in a near future. Currently I added initial
support to tasksel based tasks in current SVN version of cdd-dev but
some work is needed before it is finished.

    - cdd-gen-control:
      o Add -D suport to cdd-gen-control to degrade dependencies to
      o Add support for architecture dependent packages;
      o Add fallback to architecture independent packages so allow
        backward compatibility;
      o Add suport to tasksel based tasks;
    - task-files: added.

What need to be done before this part is finished? Well, current code
is mostly based on debian-edu code but current cdd-dev have some
differences and I did best I can to try to remove all I can see at
first look.

We need provide a way to cdd-dev, automaticaly, add a _CDD_-tasks with
the generated .desc file installed in /usr/share/tasksel/ and the
files of task-files/* in same directory. Andreas, can you look it,

I think we will need to provide a new package called cdd-common where
we can provide the task-files since this will be one file used by all
CDD packages when using tasksel-support. Another option is pass it to
be internaly supported by tasksel but this need to be discussed with
Joey Hess before.

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