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Re: Tasksel support added to cdd-dev at trunk

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Otavio Salvador wrote:

Currently I doesn't have but I don't see why this cannot be done. You
can use cdd-dev to build meta-packages which depends of others but
also have arch dependent code inside of it OR build meta-packages for
each arch ... other possibility.
OK, may be for other CDDs so it's fine for me.  Currently I did
not thought of that.

When we have some code more stable I will start to move current
debian-edu code to use cdd-dev and then we will release both together,
I think. (I need to discuss it with pere and joeyh to do it).
I'd suggest to work with the experimental distribution to stabilize.
This is a fine playground for such stuff an RC bugs do not really
matter here.

Another option is: we release when this is ready and then start to
arrange whith debian-edu how handle this. For example, we can do
debian-edu depends of cdd-common and then in another upload move it to
use all cdd-dev.
This can be done anyway but as I said I plan an upload of
of cdd to experimental soon and build Debian-Jr packages against

Kind regards


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