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Re: Ubuntu and CDDs

|--==> "ST" == Sergio Talens-Oliag <sto@debian.org> writes:

  >>Before I went to Florence I asked here whether somebody is using the cdd-dev
  >>package.  I try to give a summary of the answer which is more or less
  >>Later I give some technical comments to these answers.
  >>1) I use a slightly hacked version.
  >>2) We also tried debtags and we planned to build the metapackages from the 
  >>debtags database.
  >>3) I didn't use cdd-dev but thers ways to do the same.
  >>4) Joey Hess recently modified the debian-edu meta package build system
  >>and tasksel to support custom tasks
  >>You obviousely see that there are at least four drawbacks of the current
  >>cdd-dev package (or at least there are people who refuse to use it because
  >>they see drawbacks for their special work).  But I never have seen a
  >>complain on this list or a bug report or whatever.  So we are in danger to
  >>drift away even in such simple matters like building tiny little packages.

  ST>   Well, I don't have drawbacks about the current cdd-dev package (I still have
  ST>   to use it to have any), what I don't like is the use of metapackages per-se,
  ST>   the inclusion of empty packages on the pool just for selecting packages do
  ST>   not really seem the right thing to do and the problems debian-edu
  ST>   metapackages have caused blocking migrations from unstable to testing don't
  ST>   seem reasonable either.

I do agree here.

  ST>   After looking at debtags I found that a better way of declaring our meta
  ST>   packages is to tag the included packages with a category equivalent to the
  ST>   cdd and meta package, i.e., for a package included in an hypotetical
  ST>   lliurex-server meta package we could use this in a /etc/debtags/tagpatch.d
  ST>   file:
  ST>     samba: +lliurex::server
  ST>   I have no code to move that to a metapackage, but it's really easy to do it;
  ST>   just getting the output of a command like:
  ST>     $ debtags grep "lliurex::server"
  ST>   will give you the list of packages using this tag from which is easy to
  ST>   generate a dependency list for a metapackage.

  ST>   I'll try to work on it next week (this week we are installing pilots and I'm
  ST>   almost sure I will not have time for it) and add an option to generate
  ST>   metapackages in this way using existing cdd-dev code in the subversion
  ST>   repository.

Is more  or less the same  idea  I had in mind.   And IMO debtags *is*
ready for this.

However we have to   think it a  little  bit carefully as  some  issue
already arise when I talk with Enrico about this in Florence. I'll try
to make up my mind and drop a proposal.



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