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Re: [Debconf4] CDD World Domination @Debconf4

Am Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2004 22:29 schrieb Fabian Franz:
> [Live-CD discussions]
> Hi,
> to add another note to the current live-cd discussions:
> I've just yesterday made a "knoppix"-kind live-CD from scratch, which is
> plain debian sarge (debootstrap) + some knoppix packages, but no hacks.
> The only "changed" file is:
> "/etc/inittab" and I cannot assure that /etc/network/interfaces is still
> the same. (Klaus knoppix-creation script did overwrite it.)
> It has no X, no other installed packages and uses debian kernel 2.4.26
> (that also is new). The creation of the miniroot was a bit tricky, but as I
> don't think other debian kernels will change much, the nextz update should
> be straightforward.
> I wanted to wait for release, but as you want to start hacking I thought it
> would be an good idea to give you access to my work. (I'm starting to
> upload an iso in some minutes ...)

ok, it took a bit longer ...

But now its online:


I also attached for you a typescript of one of my knoppix mastering 
sessions ...

And also Klaus latest build scripts can be found on the above server ... (He 
always said something, like don't 
use it (it'll burn your house) and so on, but I'm sure you all know good 
enough that you look at a script before blindly trying it ...)

You have to extract that to chrooted_dir/KNOPPIX.build ...

That is the only thing you need to think of.

Have fun. I'm gonna go eat something ;-).



PS: If you have questions regarding knoppix or live-cds in general just drop 
me a note by mail ... ;-)

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