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Re: [Debconf4] CDD World Domination @Debconf4


07:24: Time to start hacking ;-)

I want to summarize on the links you sent me:

A few pointers to some related projects, mmaker is something I've hacked
together (generates morphix cloop images/modules from a xml file), but could be
easily adapted for Knoppix ones), dfsbuild is pretty new, but shows promise:


I don't understand any Spanish :-(. It appears to me they have some ISOs and a documentation about how to build cloop images by hand. But I could be mistaken there.


"Debian Metadistros goal is to allow you easily re mastering Live-CD distributions like Knoppix to fit your or you users needs, within Debian."

I couldn't find anything there but a knoppix_packaging.txt and a roadmap.txt.

morphix-mmaker: http://am.xs4all.nl/phpwiki/index.php/ModuleMaker

This sounds interesting:

"It makes a directory in /tmp, where it debootstraps a plain debian install. It then just installs all packages in the list, after adding the included repositories. It compresses the temporary directory afterwards, but doesn't throw it away in the case that you would want to make some small tweaks. Building is non-interactive, so you can do useful stuff elsewhere while it's busy."

I haven't tried Morphix yet. I want to make the init process as Debian like as possible, unlike Knoppix, so I don't really care if the resulting CD is "Knoppix-like". The creation of the ISO from the cloop image isn't very difficult, and Andreas Müller (he's the Gnoppix guy - maybe he should write something too when he's not sleeping the whole day ;-) ) brought some scripts with him that only need a little work on.

dfsbuild: http://people.debian.org/~jgoerzen/dfs

This link is dead.

From the morphix homepage:

mklivecd-mandrake: http://www.linuxminicd.org/mklivecd/:
mklivecd-debian (dead): http://sourceforge.net/projects/mklivecd/:

Haven't looked at those.

then there is intellibuild, not sure where the repository is though.

I didn't find it either while googling.

And of course gentoo has some scripts for building their live CDs.

I will start by looking at morphix-mmaker.


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