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Re: [Debconf4] CDD World Domination @Debconf4

[Live-CD discussions]


to add another note to the current live-cd discussions:

I've just yesterday made a "knoppix"-kind live-CD from scratch, which is plain 
debian sarge (debootstrap) + some knoppix packages, but no hacks.

The only "changed" file is:

"/etc/inittab" and I cannot assure that /etc/network/interfaces is still the 
same. (Klaus knoppix-creation script did overwrite it.)

It has no X, no other installed packages and uses debian kernel 2.4.26 (that 
also is new). The creation of the miniroot was a bit tricky, but as I don't 
think other debian kernels will change much, the nextz update should be 

I wanted to wait for release, but as you want to start hacking I thought it 
would be an good idea to give you access to my work. (I'm starting to upload 
an iso in some minutes ...)

Btw. for quick testing qemu is a great ressource, especially if you are 
working in boot sequences. The debian installer team should take a look (if 
they haven't yet) to test their iso images ...

Its mostly: 

qemu -cdrom file.iso -hd hd.img

or so ...

The package with the neccessary dependencies and recommends can be found on 

And no it is not lintian clean ;-).

I think you could use that as start for your live-cd, because imho you won't 
find a cleaner base to start with, with the additional possibility to change 
the standard runlevels as easy as possible. (I mean you can experiment with 
it, and imho a lviecd will always have different runlevels then hd ... (you 
won't start ssh by default even if its installed ...) )

Btw. if one wants to use debians "mkinitrd" I would love to have some 
improvements for it ;-).



PS: That is the work that has come from many good ideas on debian-custom. Just 
to give some credits.

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