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CDD World Domination @Debconf4


Debconf is about to begin, and it's about time to start organizing the
CDD work that we'll do there.  I'm Cc-ing two lists to get both the
attention of the CDD team and the attention of the Debconf4

Plans are to:
 - involve people, discuss, design, code about CDDs during the whole
   conference.  We'll have the opportunity to call most key developers
   by name to phisically come and take part to discussions for the whole
   week, and we'll do our best to use that.  Like in last Debconf
   there's been Debian-Installer work going on all the time, in this
   Debconf there could be also CDD work going on all the time.
 - plan the CDD talk to make the most out of it: showing the big
   picture, showing the potentials, summarizing the work done until the
   day before, outlining the ongoing work, showing how to get involved,
   showing where CDDs could bring Debian.  People involved in different
   aspects of CDDs could take part of the talk to show its different

More shortly said, we can work and work and work together, and with the
talk show the work and make sure that noone goes home without knowing
what is CDD and that there's a revolution going on.

There can be various kinds of CDD work there:

 - Explaining innocent people what CDDs are, and what they can do
 - Work on infrastructure (I know that at least Kalfa and Petter will be
   there and have been active in this), possibly pulling in the
   discussion/work the various other DDs present.
 - Work on philosophy, definitions, visions
 - Showing around the existing infrastructure and teaching people how to
   create CDDs
 - Showing people how to get involved in CDD infrastructure development
 - Listing/Mapping/Tracking existing CDDs
 - Listing/Mapping/Tracking existing derived debian distributions, and trying to make
   them aware of the existance and potential of CDDs
 - Preparing and giving the CDD talk.
 - (what other can be done?)

Facilitation work we could do:

 - Create a list of packages (and related DDs) we especially want to
   work with, and see who's present at the conf

 - Create some working groups with names and faces:
    - PR to Debian community
       - Andreas Tille (who won't be at Debconf) ?
       - (add your name here)
    - Technical infrastructure
       - Kalfa
       - Petter
       - (add your name here)
    - Release process
       - (add your name here)
    - Documentation
       - Ben Armstrong (who won't be at Debconf) ?
    - Philosophy, documentation, society, politics
       - Enrico
       - Mako
       - Bdale ?
       - (add your name here)
    - Categorization work and package selection
       - Enrico
       - (add your name here)
    - PR to non-Debian community
       - Mako
       - (add your name here)

Technical goals:
 - Have a tool to make a CDD out of a package selection and debconf answers
 - Have a tool to make a live-cd out of a CDD
 - Improve Andreas' manual

Involved audience:
 - Big CDDs: part of the development of the CDD infrastructure
 - Smaller CDDs: users of the CDD infrastructure
 - Tiny CDDs: customizers of existing CDDs
 - Debian Developers: how their work will change when CDDs are interested in
   their packages

Open problems:
 - There's not enough awareness of CDDs among DDs, and DDs are not
   always aware of the different uses of their packages and of the
   features needed by CDDs by hidden debconf questions

 - Make the Wiki more visible



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