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Re: desktop security

Am Friday 07 May 2004 14:35 schrieb Eduard Bloch:

> This may be the right time to remember a (not existing yet) package
> "user-friendly" which should do such things.

Good idea, rather make permissions obvious to understand and easy to manage 
than leaving their benefits aside for the sake of "ease".

Some ideas for desktop UI improvements I've gathered so far:

- right click "run program as ..." different user support
- instead of failing, filebrowsers should prompt for the password to enter a 
directory or open/start a personal file with (like opening  the accounting 

Imagine having this available upon automatic login into a fairly restricted 
guest account that could have /home set as $HOME

- The Desktop should generally equal (show) the $HOME directory btw.

Depending on your preferences uncritical things like webbrowser or openoffice 
etc. can just be used out of the box, running as user "guest".  Other things 
like mail you may prefer running as a separate private id.

Combine this with fast user switching to completly change the user identity to 
a personal one and the system should be quite usable.

> a) to work around limitations caused by our current package
> relationships (eg. install localisation packages depending on locale and
> installed packages, eg. OpenOffice, Mozilla, KDE-i18n packs, 

That is quite a general requirement. Shouldn't work on debtag support solve 

> b) automate parts of configuration that many users (especially desktop
> users) do, like adding the new users to new device groups or adding sudo
> commands for special apps.

Probably something not only debian-desktop but all customized debian 
distributions[1] and admins in general are interested in, maybe even some cdd 
helper package has already something in this direction. I also remember 
reading something about upcoming adduser supporting "user profiles".



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