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Re: correct hardware and software configuration

On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 02:44:23PM +0100, Pavel Jurus wrote:
> I have problems with segmentation faults and almost unreproducable 
> errors during computations and even with kernel oopses. I'm trying
> hard to figure out whether it is hardware problem or bad kernel.
> Although it seems to be likely problem with the hardware, I would
> like to hear about any experiences with working (or not working)
> kernel/hardware configurations for computational intensive tasks
> (weather modeling in my case). 

   Wild guess: weak power supplies?  AMD chips are heavy power users, and
want clean power.  We had a small AMD K6 cluster that exhibited instability
for quite a while before being decommisioned.  A few months back one of the
former nodes blew a power supply, was replaced with a different brand, and
all instabilities vanished.  The next cluster is getting higher grade
cases/power supplies.


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