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correct hardware and software configuration


I'm sorry for being a little off-topic perhaps but my problems
are happening on debian cluster and I don't know about more
appropriate forum for my question.

I have small cluster of one 1400 AMD Athlon/512 MB RAM master, and
four diskless nodes which are also 1400 AMD Athlon/512 MB RAM.

I have problems with segmentation faults and almost unreproducable 
errors during computations and even with kernel oopses. I'm trying
hard to figure out whether it is hardware problem or bad kernel.
Although it seems to be likely problem with the hardware, I would
like to hear about any experiences with working (or not working)
kernel/hardware configurations for computational intensive tasks
(weather modeling in my case). 

I'm using custom build kernel 2.4.9 from debian kernel source .deb.
Would you recommend to go back to 2.2.* line? Do you have any bad
or good experiences with Athlons? 

Pavel Jurus

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