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FAI questions

I'm trying to set up a cluster of identical workstations to be a
cluster.  FAI seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to crazy to set up right
now to me (especially after fighting through getting that nfs-root disk
built = 6 hours of manual script editing and debugging).  Does anyone
have a good source for a howto or cookbook?  I've read and re-read the
docs and I'm sure given time and practice it will become pretty
powerfull.  The problem (as always) is that I need to clone these
machine ASAP and I estimate another 3-4 days to understand the FAI
system and the nodes should be up by monday.  

Otherwise I'm just going to build a complete nfs-root system with
debootstrap on the master, boot nodes with rescue and root, nfs mount a
/usr partition and then run a small script (which if someone had a nice
skeleton for I'd appreciate) to partition/raid the drives and copy over
the system as a tarball, do some quick config script editing and then
lilo to reboot.  If anyone has tips or suggestions or horror stories I'd
also appreciate those.


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