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Re: pbuilder

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 11:14:17AM +0100, Dale Amon wrote:
> I've also sent mail off to the fellow who does 
> debootstrap asking if he could split the parameter
> defining the dist from the name of the script. I have
> multiple sid scripts and I have to keep renaming, which
> is annoying. If we're making personal builds, then we
> need the ability in debootstrap to really handle that.

He replied, and the answer was that this is already
possible. There is a last argument that can be a specific
script name; in which case that is used as the script
instead of the default "sid/woody/potato" script for
building a sid/woody/potato dist as specified by the
dist argument.

Is the need for this in pbuilder unique to myself
or should it be a generally accessible feature? The problem
is, it would require Yet Another Argument to pbuilder.

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