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Re: pbuilder

Okay, here is a set of patches against pbuilder_0.6.tar.gz
that will generate a pbuilder 0.7 ready for debian build,
with the hooks feature fully integrated in code and docs
and debian files.

There are a couple of question marks still.

	* I have put only one hook execution location
	  in, just before the base.tgz is generated
	  at the end of the create or update. I do not
	  yet know if intervention might be needed at
	  other locations.

	* I chose the prefix X for eXit for those
	  hook scripts.

	* I created /usr/lib/pbuilder/hooks/ as the
	  default hooks directory to make sure it
	  is always defined. I don't know if that
	  is the best place for the default or if
	  it should be in var instead. User should
	  override it, but...

Here is some code, let the games begin!

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