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Re: pbuilder

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 06:19:44PM +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> It is available (hopefully) at 
> deb http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/debian-packages/pbuilder ./


     local prefix=$1
     # is this necessary?
     pushd $BUILDPLACE/$hooks

and the answer is yes, because the loop happens outside
the chroot; you want just the names of the file in that
directory, not the absolute paths because you will have
to reroot them relative to the chroot'd point.

Yes you could do it other ways, but this seems a fairly
direct way to do it.

Next, I the only user risk is if they make a really 
bad choice of BUILDPLACE, in which case they are going
to do serious damage anyway; the hook scripts themselves
can only cause damage to the chroot'd environment.

I note you set up the hook to be more optional, which
is fine with me. I tried to step as lightly as possible
in your modules.

Some of my questions are still open though: are there
any other points during the build at which user 
intervention is useful? Perhaps someone has ideas, or
perhaps as I get further along in my project I'll see
the answer myself.

I've also sent mail off to the fellow who does 
debootstrap asking if he could split the parameter
defining the dist from the name of the script. I have
multiple sid scripts and I have to keep renaming, which
is annoying. If we're making personal builds, then we
need the ability in debootstrap to really handle that.

No one complained about the selection of X as prefix.
In reality I picked it becasue it was far along in
the alphabet and leaves lots of room to add hooks
before it and a few after. 

Sorry I forgot to delete my own pbuilderrc values. I
was certain I'd edited that file. Probably edited the
wrong copy, so I'd better double check mine!

It shouldn't have taken me as long as it did, but
I think that new virus must be eating bandwidth because
it was taken several hours to run every test of the
script... I eventually had to move it to a machine
at a high bandwidth location so I could edit-run-debug
in less that 3hours per!

I'll let you know the outcome if the debootstrap guy
gets back to me.

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