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Re: PetSc

In Thu, 11 Jan 2001 12:14:02 -0500 Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu> cum veritate scripsit :

> Right.  The other problem is that mpirun takes different arguments for
> mpich and lam, and
> PETSc comes with a compatibility wrapper script "mpirun.lam" which takes
> arguments in mpich
> format.  

Hmmm.. that's very interesting. 

> Oh- and mpich doesn't have shared libs, so when you link -mpi
> and
> /etc/alternatives points to mpich, there are dangling symlinks for
> libmpi.so. :-(

Actually it is possible to build shared library for mpich, and
I tried it. It was not very exciting. 

Hmmm.. I didn't know there was a dangling symlink. 
Okay... please file a bug.

Ah, yes. This is a nightmare, trying to compile against mpich AND lam.


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