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Re: backports during the freeze


على الثلاثاء 21 شباط 2017 ‫01:04، كتب Rhonda D'Vine:
>> Well…
>> testing → stable-backports → oldstable-backports-sloppy
>> So, as long as there is no stretch, there is no stretch-backports, there
>> is no jessie-backports-sloppy.
>> You can of course upload anything to jessie-backports that has entered
>> testing, but I guess for everything that does not enter testing during
>> the freeze, you'll have to wait.
>> I'd also strongly advice against uploading new upstream versions of
>> existing packages that will not make it into stretch to unstable now.
>  Thanks for this very well worded response.  I have only minor things to
> add: The jessie-backports-sloppy has been created (in the archive), but
> we won't process packages yet, and there are several reasons to it:
>  *) the changeroots in the buildd network aren't confirmed to be there
> yet, and I doubt they will, because stretch isn't stable yet, so having
> a "stable-backports" chroot won't work, it won't be stable.
>  *) along that, opening up jessie-backports-sloppy for uploads from
> unstable would encourage people to continue developing in unstable which
> means that they would break the possibility to get fixes into stretch
> through unstable, which is the preferred way for the release team (for
> obvious reasons, like testing possibility cycles).  It would be very
> counterproductive.  Also, it would also open up for uploading stuff to
> backports which might not be ready for a release (i.e., RC bug ignoring
> which is done through testing transition).
>  Hope that gets a bit more of an understanding on the whys for it not
> being there and open.

I was mostly hoping for some kind of arrangement as was proposed for the
last freeze [1], which included allowing uploads from Experimental (not
necessarily Unstable) after a 10 day waiting period. I think it would be
good if we could somehow shield users of current Stable from the effects
of the freeze.

Thanks and regards

1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-backports/2014/08/msg00090.html

Afif Elghraoui | عفيف الغراوي

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