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Re: backports during the freeze


* Afif Elghraoui <afif@debian.org> [2017-02-23 15:19:41 CET]:
> I was mostly hoping for some kind of arrangement as was proposed for the
> last freeze [1], which included allowing uploads from Experimental (not
> necessarily Unstable) after a 10 day waiting period. I think it would be
> good if we could somehow shield users of current Stable from the effects
> of the freeze.

 Right, it's a good proposal and makes sense (especially since my second
point may (or may not) be ignored to some extend and self-control from
the uploaders, thus I deleted it out now), but there is still my first
point as blocker:

> على الثلاثاء 21 شباط 2017 ‫01:04، كتب Rhonda D'Vine:
> >  *) the changeroots in the buildd network aren't confirmed to be there
> > yet, and I doubt they will, because stretch isn't stable yet, so having
> > a "stable-backports" chroot won't work, it won't be stable.

 Before the chroots aren't there (and that's in buildd admin hand) it's
not possible to move any further from here.  Past discussions to get
that done were very tiring and left the impression that the generation
of the corresponding chroots is a big burden, and offers to help to
reduce that overhead (because it needs to get done regardless, even
without backports involved) were not responded to.

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