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Re: backports during the freeze


* Dominik George <nik@naturalnet.de> [2017-02-21 09:49:09 CET]:
> > I was wondering what should be done for updating backports now. I don't
> > see that jessie-backports-sloppy has become available and I'm not sure
> > how this works during a freeze. It's just that I hvae some packages with
> > new upstream releases that I'd like to put through official backports if
> > possible.
> Well…
> testing → stable-backports → oldstable-backports-sloppy
> So, as long as there is no stretch, there is no stretch-backports, there
> is no jessie-backports-sloppy.
> You can of course upload anything to jessie-backports that has entered
> testing, but I guess for everything that does not enter testing during
> the freeze, you'll have to wait.
> I'd also strongly advice against uploading new upstream versions of
> existing packages that will not make it into stretch to unstable now.

 Thanks for this very well worded response.  I have only minor things to
add: The jessie-backports-sloppy has been created (in the archive), but
we won't process packages yet, and there are several reasons to it:

 *) the changeroots in the buildd network aren't confirmed to be there
yet, and I doubt they will, because stretch isn't stable yet, so having
a "stable-backports" chroot won't work, it won't be stable.

 *) along that, opening up jessie-backports-sloppy for uploads from
unstable would encourage people to continue developing in unstable which
means that they would break the possibility to get fixes into stretch
through unstable, which is the preferred way for the release team (for
obvious reasons, like testing possibility cycles).  It would be very
counterproductive.  Also, it would also open up for uploading stuff to
backports which might not be ready for a release (i.e., RC bug ignoring
which is done through testing transition).

 Hope that gets a bit more of an understanding on the whys for it not
being there and open.

 So long,
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