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Re: Recommended git packaging work flow for backports?

Jérémy Bobbio <lunar@debian.org> writes:

> Simon Josefsson:
>> Hi.  I'm preparing my first backport and couldn't find any information
>> on what the best work flow for a Debian package that uses git,
>> git-buildpackage, pristine-tar and so on.  Are there any pointers here?
>> Should I create a separate branch, pulling in things from 'master' once
>> that version has hit testing, update the changelog and maybe modify
>> gbp.conf to point at the backport branch, and then build and upload?
>> Is anyone working with backports this way?  Any other pitfalls?
> I create a branch. Use `git merge --no-ff` from the tag that gets in
> testing. Then `dch --bpo`. Most of the time that's the only change that
> needs to be recorded.
> Configuring dpkg-mergechanglogs(1) helps to make subsequent merge
> painless.

Thanks for response -- is there any "defacto" branch name?  "backports",
or maybe "jessie-backports" if you happen to have multiple backports

If I don't need any changes specific for the backport (which I hope), I
am leaning towards the tag approach instead of a proper branch.  But I'm
not sure how to deal with the changelog entries, so maybe a branch is
better after all.


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