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Re: Optionally sending bugreports to the BTS


* Sven Hoexter <sven@timegate.de> [2010-11-02 15:34:40 CET]:
> On Tue, Nov 02, 2010 at 02:03:10PM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > I know that some maintainers dont want to be bothered with backports, but I 
> > consider that plainly wrong. Obviously they are entitled to have that 
> > opinion, and noone can force volunteers to do anything, but IMO that attitude 
> > is a disservice to both our users and our project. 
> I guess I might have missed a big discussion in the past but backports got
> kind of integrated through the backdoor. Now putting pressure on everyone to
> comply and support a service which is only used by a small minority of
> developers feels wrong. Please don't try to do this. Though I've to admit
> that I fail aswell to come up with a decent technical solution.

 <hat which="backports">
 This is still my personal opinion and not coordinated with Alexander,
but I guess he'll agree with me that this won't happen. We are not going
to change the rules for backports during the lifetime of a release.

 The result of this discussion might flow into some changes in what we
expect from backporters for squeeze-backports though. I don't believe
that we can, want to or will make anything a strict requirement on that
lines, but what might happen is recommendations. The approach that
Christoph Berg described with having a Bugs: source control field
actually makes a lot of sense because it adds every flexibility for the
backporters they might want to have.

 It is my personal wish that backporters would start to work together
more closely with the regular maintainers of the packages in the main
pool, I've stated that already several times, but I can understand that
in some cases this isn't possible or working out, so it definitely can't
become a strict requirement.

 But I'll definitely encourage backporters to give it a try in the same
sense that we should try to have a working communication channel with
the upstream developers of the software we package. It eases the
workload with respect to bug triaging for everyone involved and results
in better overall quality, which definitely helps everyone involved.

 Thanks for listening,
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