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Optionally sending bugreports to the BTS


To many backporters do not follow the mailing list closely to
reasonable handle reports [*]. For packages where the Maintainer is
also the backporter, it would be nice if users could be asked to
report bugs to the Debian BTS.

That's easy to achieve if people just use reportbug. Unfortunately
this won't work for the other packages. Asking people to check where
the bug reports should go will not work, so this needs to get
automated. Luckily, reportbug supports sending reports to different
servers per package.

Method 1: Putting a Bugs header in debian/control

  Bugs: mailto:debian-backports@lists.debian.org
  Bugs: debbugs://bugs.debian.org

See apt-cache show dpkg for an example of the latter.

Method 2: Using /usr/share/bug/$package/control:

  Send-To: bugs.myproject.com

See /usr/share/doc/reportbug/README.developers.gz.

I would propose making having one of the two Bugs: headers a
requirement for backports. It is up to the backporter to decide which
to use.

(The Debian BTS doesn't properly support version tracking for
backports, but this is fixable by the maintainer adding 'found'
versions. For packages where this is not feasible or not wanted, the
mailinglist will still do.)

[*] I plead guilty
cb@df7cb.de | http://www.df7cb.de/

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