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Re: etch backports

On Thu, 7 Oct 2010 04:38:27 +0800, Jason Tan Boon Teck wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you, for the instructions.
> The physical server is an Etch server running Xen with a few virtual
> hosts, also running Etch. All of the virtual hosts are sharing one
> single fixed IP address. So there are complex firewall packet
> forwardings here and there. Documentation of the configurations are
> sparse and I do not have the knowledge to make changes without
> breaking things.

Your configuration files will remain intact and unchanged during an
upgrade as long as you always answer "no" when asked whether you want
to accept the maintainers config file.  And even if you say "yes",
those files are backed up with a .dpkg-<something> extension, which
you can restore.

Debian has a strong commitment to not breaking stuff during upgrades.

Best wishes,

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