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Re: etch backports

On Thu, 7 Oct 2010 03:52:00 +0800, Jason Tan Boon Teck wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried but unfortunately I have a virtual server running in a
> complex multi-hosts environment, which I am unable to get it to run
> once I upgraded to Lenny. Actually, i tried the upgrade for another
> virtual server first and failed miserably to get it working correctly.
> Prior to that, I have made successful upgrades but on simple straight
> forward environments.
> Since I do not have sufficient knowledge or insight to make the
> necessary changes, I am limited to making little steps to ensure that
> my Etch server continues to run correctly.
> So, any assistance to prolong the live of this little virtual server
> is greatly appreciated.

Have you filed bugs or asked for help with the problems you ran into
upgrading to lenny?  Would it be possible to move to squeeze?  That
will be released in a few months time.

Best wishes,

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