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Re: Pidgin with version patch

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> * Marko Randjelovic <marel@sbb.rs> [2008-07-19 17:21:34 CEST]:
>> I have finally succeeded to make Pidgin packages that can connect to
>> ICQ. I downloaded sources from backports.org and applied this patch:
>> http://developer.pidgin.im/attachment/ticket/6220/pidgin-oscar-versionfix.patch
>  Hmm, I wonder about the need for that - is there troubles to backport
> the current testing version of pidgin? Would it require special library
> backports to be useable in stable? Guido, are you still keeping track of
> it? From a quick check it seems to want libsilc, is that "all" that's
> missing, can that part maybe get disabled?
>  Thanks in advance for an update,
> Rhonda

As I can see, requirements for libsilc are the same for pidgin version from testing as for the version from backports.

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