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For GeoDjango: postgresql-8.3-postgis, python-psycopg2, libgeos-3.0.0, and libgdal1-1.5.0


I am currently compiling instructions for installing GeoDjango (http://geodjango.org/) on Debian "Etch" 4.0.

These packages are required by GeoDjango, and are available in Debian Testing, but are not in etch-backports:
   * postgresql-8.3-postgis
   * python-psycopg2
   * libgeos-3.0.0
   * libgdal1-1.5.0 (in i386, not x86_64)

I am hoping that someone on this list would be interested in creating i386 and x86_64 backports of these packages.

GeoDjango is getting quite popular and is expected to merge with Django proper before Django 1.0 is released in September, 2008.

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