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Re: default pin

also sprach Thomas Walter <t.walter@nefkom.net> [2006.06.23.2302 +0200]:
> The only instability I see is, you no longer see always the same
> versions numbers for months/years.  8-)

Which may be horrific. If you happen to have access to my book,
I wrote a bit about this in the beginning of chapter 4. Basically:

  \item[\emph{Software feature stability}]~\\
  Stability\index{stability!feature} may also refer to the feature set
  provided by a software. In this definition, stable software does not
  introduce drastic changes or radical new features from one release to the
  next. Administrators appreciate feature stability because it allows them to
  fix bugs with newer versions without risking unwanted changes to the

(I am now off to rewrite the laste sentence for clarity)

Security updates fix bugs but ensure feature stability. Backports
may fix bugs but does not ensure feature stability.

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