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Re: default pin

Daniel Baumann wrote:

hu? it was always advertised on www.backports.org to use default pin
priority of 200 for sarge-backports; never seen anything written
anywhere with 500.
In addition to documenting, pin it to 200, also document that to the computer (and apt in particular). Martin seems to be saying you can do this by putting some magic line in the Release file.

[Looking at experimental's Release file, it appears the magic line for -1 is "NotAutomatic: yes"].

If we can make it so that failing to read the instructions causes no damage, that sounds preferable to me.

If you put the line in your preferences file, it'll override the default pin set in the release file. So, for people who have configured correctly, nothing changes (thus, nothing breaks). For new people, if they configure according to the directions, nothing changes from the way it works now. The only set of people affected are those who don't read the directions, and for them it changes from upgrades a ton of stuff (thus decreasing stabilitty) to "does nothing".

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