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Re: default pin

On Fri, 2006-06-23 at 16:24, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> Daniel Baumann wrote:
> >
> > hu? it was always advertised on www.backports.org to use default pin
> > priority of 200 for sarge-backports; never seen anything written
> > anywhere with 500.
> In addition to documenting, pin it to 200, also document that to the 
> computer (and apt in particular). Martin seems to be saying you can do 
> this by putting some magic line in the Release file.
> [Looking at experimental's Release file, it appears the magic line for 
> -1 is "NotAutomatic: yes"].
> If we can make it so that failing to read the instructions causes no 
> damage, that sounds preferable to me.
> If you put the line in your preferences file, it'll override the default 
> pin set in the release file. So, for people who have configured 
> correctly, nothing changes (thus, nothing breaks). For new people, if 
> they configure according to the directions, nothing changes from the way 
> it works now. The only set of people affected are those who don't read 
> the directions, and for them it changes from upgrades a ton of stuff 
> (thus decreasing stabilitty) to "does nothing".

Can you give me some lite why installing backports shall make the system
These backports often close bugs.
The only instability I see is, you no longer see always the same
versions numbers for months/years.  8-)
The major instabilty comes to the system, when using a customized,
self-compiled kernel or compiling/installing SW for your own.
I you find the new installed backport version to unstable, then simply
down grade.
Please don't argument now, downgrading is risky and not tested.  This
does not count.  Using a revevision control system for etc and friends
allows to always accept the default settings of the package version,
remove, newinstall, ...


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