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Re: default pin

martin f krafft wrote:
> So then make it 200, which is better than the current default of
> 500.

hu? it was always advertised on www.backports.org to use default pin
priority of 200 for sarge-backports; never seen anything written
anywhere with 500.

> On second thought, I vote for 0 << x << 100, this will not break
> upgrades, but it also requires explicit approval (by adding a stanza
> to /etc/apt/preferences) before a package is installed. bpo is for
> stable systems, we should make sure that we're not making it too
> easy to make the installed package selection "unstable".

again.. if you use 200 as recommendet, a package will be taken from
backports.org iff:

  * on behalf of an automatic upgrade of *only* those packages which
    are already taken from bpo.

  * if you want to install a package which is not in sarge, but in

  * if any other package depends on a higher version of a package which
    is not satisfiable on sarge, but on sarge-backports.

i can't follow your argumentation about getting something "unstable". in
all three cases, you only get a backport because the user wanted to have
it because of various reasons.

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