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Re: Kate Draven: Rodney's Questions

On Wed February 22 2006 05:33, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Rodney Sumpter wrote:
> > It certainly would be if the resolution of the problem was ever described
> > other than "blanked" the config file. I'm not even sure which config file
> > she was referring to but I'd lke to be able to look and see if the
> > "garbage" she mentions is in one of my files, as soon as I find out what
> > she means by "garbage" and which file.
> She had a crippled /etc/apt/preferences. This is the file, where you set
> the priority for packages/repositories/distributions.
> Normaly, you don't want to install all backports, so you pin them under
> the default value 500.
> Instead of pinning all KDE packages up, Kate did remove the preferences
> file. This results in a priority of 500 for all packages, whereas the
> KDE packages from backports.org will be installed rather than the
> packages from sarge due to their higher version number. That's all.
> > I don't think I understand what you mean by "which is repeatet, if ever,
> > so quick", but no, I don't think time spent learning is worthless, I'm
> > fairly new at this and spend a lot of time learning. When Kate gives me
> > enough data I will proceed on my own and not waste your time unless I run
> > into something that I have to ask someone more expert than I am. It's
> > just that I can't "man" or "goggle" or "try anything" until I have some
> > more detail.
> If you have the same (or another) problem, just say so and and we will
> try to help you (again).

Thank you. 

The information you gave here wasn't part of the thread (or maybe I didn't get 
all the posts). I have mine pinned at 99 right now (hopefully that won't let 
me get an unwanted update to anything I've already got on my system). I 
wonder how you knew what she did if you didn't if you didn't talk off list.

I am interested in the KDE backport but I want to go carefully and look into 
any troubles that other people have had before trying it with my stable 


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